John Michael Antonio is a freelance writer, photographer, poet and screenwriter who is currently a columnist and editor at and a contributor at The Good Men

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The Good Men Project

7 Things To Do That Will Help You Actively Survive The Trump Era / 05-23-17 - The Good Men Project

Sample from my piece about surviving the Trump era as it appeared on Good Men :

As I am writing this we are, as a nation, now well entrenched in the national nightmare and international embarrassment otherwise known as the presidency of Donald Trump, like many of us knew we would be. Soon after his election, I began writing down daily reminders of specific actions that I can do to help myself psychologically, spiritually and politically survive this most contentious of moments in American history. Out of these desperate scribblings, I have fashioned seven things that, I believe, will help me actively achieve these goals. I share them here with the reader with the hope that other like minded individuals will be encouraged and energized by practicing them as well.

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Love Notes From Humanity: The Lust, Love & Loss Collection / January 2017 - Feminine Collective Media, Julie Anderson, editor

I have six poems in this wonderful anthology : " Morning Glory", "Promises In The Dark ", "The Revealing ", "Why Men Secretly Fear Women", "Dreams" and "Guilty Pleasures" .

Seven things trump article

7 Things That Will Help You Survive The Trump Era / 04-10-17 – Feminine ...

Sample from my piece about surviving the Trump era :

Now is the time for all of us to recognize that in a very real sense, we, as the opposition to the current administration, have been tasked with redefining what being an American patriot means for this generation and for generations to come.

Donald Trump is an unscrupulous master of manipulation and misdirection, a political charlatan and a con man extraordinaire. His bigoted, sexist, nativist and amoral views are representative of the worst ideologies and periods of American history.
Simply by nature of deciding to resist Trump and his Republican lackeys and by backing our words with our actions, we are representing some of the best of what America is about:

Championing of individual freedoms.
Peaceful assembling and protesting by its citizens for a common cause.
The principle of equal protection under the law and the idea of equal opportunities for all of its citizens regardless of race, creed, religion, gender or sexual preference.

Our job as the new patriots is to stay motivated, hopeful and alert in the face of whatever is happening around us for our sake and our country’s sake. Our greatness as a country has never been based on one single man or woman or political leader, but on its citizens coming together to forge a common bond while holding onto a resilient belief in the promise that this country will always guarantee life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all of its people.

As we see this bond and promise threatened and tested like never before by Trump the destroyer, let us not shrink from the challenges but stand together as a model and shining example for future generations of how we can, in spite of our differences, come together to save our country.

Forever flowers article

Our Forever Flowers / 04-25-17 – Feminine Collective

One of my love poems :

Our Forever Flowers

fearsome orgasmic blooms

in a jealous world

deceptive fragility

of steely petals and stems

roots entwined with the

hopes of childhood sunbeams

miraculous and defiant

like the vivacious dreams

in your smile

beauty should never apologize

and our love baby

is flora in the midst of death

for the rest of

our collective breathes

When dark days article

When The Dark Days Come / 5-15-17 – Feminine Collective

One of my love poems :

When The Dark Days Come

like someone
once said
we belong a
long way from here
the tragic mysteries of life
unfold in front of us
and upon us
leaving unmentionable secrets
and secret unmentionables
but when the dark days come
I will pour myself out
and meld with you
provide cover
and bleed with you
give you refuge
from their judgmental voices
and rage with you
help you untangle yourself
from the barbed wires
of your past
and cry with you
nurse your wounds
and kiss your scars
and heal with you
take on your
heartbreaks as my own
and grieve with you
when the dark days come, honey
I will pinkie swear with you
that we will kick their f*ckin asses together

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The Good Men Project

A Love Letter to My Female Ancestors - The Good Men Project

A sample from my Mother's Day tribute "A Love Letter to My Female Ancestors " as it appeared on Good Men :

On this Mother’s Day, I want to say thank you for giving life to the world through your bodies even as I realize that sometimes it was in the most harrowing of conditions and that some of you, sadly my precious ones, didn’t survive giving birth or its after effects. Without each and every one of you, I wouldn’t or couldn’t exist. Your love and compassion still reverberate, and your unfulfilled hopes and dreams live on inside of me.

Iamamerica article

I Am America / 12-13-16 – Feminine Collective

My poem about 21st century America :

I Am America

I am America
and I am
bold and diverse
and all the colors of
the human rainbow

I am America
and I wear a hajib
a Star of David
a cross
and no cross
at all

I am America
and I am all genders
and sexual orientations
with a liberty to love
whoever I want

I am America
and I live in her cities
in her country vistas
in her farm houses
and in her suburbs

I am America
and I am rich and poor
and everything in between

I am America
and I was born
out of the
enduring dream
of a better life

I am America and
I can’t be walled in or out
because immigrants
have always
been my life blood

I am America
and I have a gloriously free
and defiant voice
that can not and
will not be silenced

I am America
and I don’t need
to be made great again
because my words
and promises
are for all of my people

I am America
and I am ready
to resist you
to defend myself

I am America
and I will survive

Under these stars article

Under These Stars / 03-20-17 – Feminine Collective

One of my poems about life and love in current day America :

Under These Stars

under these stars
life is hard
pervasive illusions
defeated demon delusions
reappear and sear
inferiority complex
as I flex
I resist
and desist
the temptation to return
hate with hate
emotions that suffocate
sometimes I feel
like I am still
nursing my bleeding heels
wrestling that f*ckin angel
loving the desert danger
while the devil
my devil
I mean plural
because there are several
await the outcome
a game of zero sum
vengeance is too easy
the blood would flow
too freely
redemption and retribution
vicious elocution
mutual electrocution
a sinner with
the fury of a saint
a life left to paint
no time to feign
Abel and Cain
trying not to succumb
to the pain
under these stars
life is hard
but with you
I rise above the scars
the warmth of your hand
under these covers
touches and hovers
with the desperate salve
that heals
with your miraculous
love that endures and seals

Resistence article

The Resistance/ 01-20-17– Feminine Collective

My poem honoring all those who are committed to resisting Donald Trump and his policies :

The Resistance

these are the times that
try men’s souls indeed
I tell myself
just keep calm and breathe
and resist, resist, resist
these are the waking hours
no one has a monopoly on anger
we have it
we are the inheritors
the everyday warriors
the true patriots
not the sunshine ones
and when the smoke clears
we will still be here
just like we have always been
we will survive the assaults
lick our wounds
and bite back
if it is a war
they want
its a war we will give them
we will be merciless
and resilient
Trumpies and Righties
get used to it
and expect us
we are the future
your future
America’s future
we are the resistance

Wild side article

Wild Side / 02-13-17 – Feminine Collective

One of my poems about human sexuality :

Wild Side

Two nocturnal rebels
in the ephemeral
2 AM stillness
drinking the moment
against the backdrop
of evaporation
street lights trickling
through the blinds
us feeling and traversing
the fleshy highways
of our destinations
we find each other
and unbreakable love
underneath the sheets
in each other’s arms

And i love her %281%29 article

And I Love Her / 01-17-17 – Feminine Collective

My poem about my philogyny or love for women :

And I Love Her

a brave new year dawns
amidst a clown led
misogynistic circus
and there are words
that need to be spoken
so let me not mumble
or remain silent
in the presence of my enemies
let me vociferously speak
philogynist I am
ready to stand beside her
in my white male
American skin
just like yours
I will resist
your every syllable
with my firebombing truths
that will eviscerate your lies
fuck you and your anger
you will meet the resistance
face to face haters
and I will not let you
take her rights away
because she is not
your victim
she is a survivor
and I love her

Male feminist article

Why I Am A Feminist ( And Other Men Should Be Too ) / 1-7-16 - Feminine Collective

Sample from my piece on my personal feminism :

I have often been asked by my male friends, sometimes in a derisive manner, how I can be a man and still call myself a feminist. My answer to them is always this— knowing what I know and what I have seen about the hostility and discrimination directed toward the female gender, I don’t know how I could, with clear conscience, be anything but a feminist.

If this life article

If This Temporary Life / 12-27-16 - Feminine Collective

One of my poems about the temporal nature of life :

If This Temporary Life

if this temporary life
I call my own
requires a realization
that it could end
at any moment
if it means
nothing more
than a breaking of the
circular hate and
searing dysfunction
I was born into
if it means helping
my fellow human beings
who are oppressed
become free
if it means being a solace
and a bridge
for my children
over the canyons of their
inevitable heartbreaks
if it means having
the woman I married
see my love for her
in my eyes
then let the warmth
of the summer rays
fade from my face
let the red, yellow and orange
hued leaves whirl up
and fly away
let my breaths that hover
in the chilled air
dissipate into eternity
and let the annual
rebirth of existence
that so enraptures
forever disappear for me
because I have
fulfilled my purpose
here on this earth

Love letter article

Love Letter To My Female Ancestors / 5-9-16 - Feminine Collective

Sample from my imagined love letter to my female ancestors :

My dear ones, I know what the world called you at times. I am here to say—you were not born into this world to just be sexual playthings or human baby machines. You were never second class citizens, nor did you ever deserve to be mistreated. Progress in the world has been stifled in direct proportion to the amount that you have been stifled.
I know from my research that you were queens, princesses, baronesses, servants, homemakers, patriots, warriors, saints, farmers, philanthropists, artists, writers and a million other things as well being wives and mothers.

I just want to say thank you for giving life to the world through your bodies. I know that sometimes it was in the most harrowing of conditions and that some of you, sadly my precious ones, didn’t survive giving birth or its after effects. Without each and everyone of you, I wouldn’t or couldn’t exist. Your love and compassion still reverberate, and your unfulfilled hopes and dreams live on inside of me.

Jma rapeculture 3 article

Men, Rape Culture and Choice / 7-18-16

Sample from my piece about rape culture :

I unequivocally say today, as a man, to every woman who has ever been sexually assaulted or raped, that I don’t care what you were wearing, what you were doing or not doing, where you were or weren’t, how much you were drinking or whether or not you were inebriated. If a man proceeded sexually against you after you told him to stop (at any point) or if you were in no condition to say no and he did the same, then everything that was done to you sexually after that point constitutes sexual assault and/or rape on his part, and he should be punished accordingly.The fact of whether he is or isn’t adequately punished by the justice system has no bearing on the fact that what was done to you was wrong or on the fact that as a victim you were blameless in the crime that was committed against you.

I want every female who is reading this to know that if you have ever been sexually assaulted or raped , it was NOT your fault. Let me repeat that. If you, as a female, have ever been sexually assaulted or raped, it was NOT your fault. It was the fault of the person who committed the crime and human right violation against you. You did not ask for it, deserve it, secretly need it or wish for it, regardless of what our society communicates. Any shame or guilt that the same said society has made you feel about your attack is a further abominable offense by them against you.